Saturday, December 21, 2013

Use it up!

I have a bunch of these older CTMH kits that seriously need to be used up.  I found an OLD, and I mean oooolllddddddddd, picture that was suitable for this paper. 

Yep, the 17-year-old me who used to tuck her T-shirt into her jean shorts.  Ha ha.  And I was teased for being fat.  (Eye roll! I'd give just about anything to look like that again!) 

Anywho! I had just a few pieces of patterned paper and some CS left so I went ahead and made up another page.  One day I'll have the right pictures for it and I'm sure I'll add a few embellies too.
And this is all I have left over.  A bunch of stickers....
....and just a few pieces of cardstock and patterned paper.  I *love* using stuff up and calling it done. 
It's so wonderful to use up the stash!
Have a blessed day!


  1. Look how young you look!! Love the layout!!

  2. Aw weren't you a cutie :) I like making cards with the last few bits of a kit and then dumping the rest in the trash!