Thursday, September 12, 2013

Catching up

Hello crafty friends!  Sorry I've been MIA but I was under the weather and my crafty mojo left the building!  Plus, this handsome fella started playing baseball. 

Last week he had practice for two hours each on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and then games on Friday night, Saturday morning, AND Sunday morning.  By Sunday afternoon we were both beat!  All of that baseball-ing has seriously cut into my craft time!  Staying busy and outdoors is always a good thing, for both of us, so I'm happy that he's into the sport.  We'll be hitting some batting cages at some point in the very near future, on top of all of the practice...

So I haven't made very many things.  I'm working on a few items for an upcoming baby shower and I can't post pictures of that until after the shower, of course, and I've worked on baby shower invites that I want to sell on Etsy.  I have some Halloween stuff to share (also for Etsy selling purposes!) but it's not quite done yet.  I've worked on Nick's class's personal yearbooks quite a bit too (I'm following the Becky Higgins format, which you can find HERE), and I'll post pictures of that once I have a few to post!  This will be the second time that I go to Nick's class and "teach" them art.  This year it's more about journaling than the pictures, but it's still memory-keeping that they're learning and I hope it sticks! 

Suffice it to stay I've done bits and pieces of this and that.  Oh, I did finish organizing my Cuttlebug folders.  Check this out. 

I decided to write directly on the embossing folder instead of attaching little stickers.  This is because upon removing and returning the folder from it's storage box that sticker oftentimes falls off.  This annoys the living daylights out of me.  LOL  So I just wrote on the folder and called it good.  I did a sample sheet of each folder and wrote the number on the sheet too, of course. 

Here are all of my embossing folders.  I punched holes in the top corner so I could add a ring to hold them.  Now when I need or want to emboss, I can flip through these samples and go find the appropriately numbered folder.  Easy peasy, which makes it much, much, MUCH more likely that I will *USE* my embossing folders.  And yes, I realize now upon looking at this picture that I have way too many embossing folders.  But there are more that I want.... LOLOLOL

I was once keeping my folders in the beautiful blue Cuttlebug binders but I've outgrown them.  I have them sitting in a regular ol' photo box that I got at Michael's one of the times they were on sale for $1.50.  Pretty good, right?  I left that one standing up just to show how the numbering works.  Plus, it's one of my current faves.  :D
Oh, and that Darice brand?  I had never heard of it until I joined a Cuttlebug group on Facebook.  This place called Consumer Crafts (you can visit their website HERE) had the Darice brand of folders on sale for just $1.97 a while back, and there was free shipping on orders over $25.  I had great service from them and the quality of the embossing folders matches that of the Cuttlebug folders, so just a great buy all around.  I encourage you to visit them and shop.  Boy, I sure wish I got paid to endorse companies and such.... :D  Anyway, Consumer Crafts has great sales and they do the free shipping about once a month from what I've seen over the last few months. 
So I got all of that done while watching the new Star Trek movie with my kiddo a couple of nights ago.  LOVE that movie.  If you're not a trekkie, well, all I have to say is, what's wrong with you?  LOLOL  Just kidding- it was a great movie and I'm lucky my sister bought us a copy of the DVD so we can (and will) watch it over and over and over again.  ;-)
Here's one other thing I made and this is a complete copy from a blog I visited. 

Isn't he a cutie?  I will fill it with candy when the best time of the year rolls around!  Here's the blog where I found it, and she listed the instructions for the whole thing:  Catinksit BLOG.  Every cut for this baggie comes from CTMH's Art Philosophy cartridge:  The bag itself, the face, the hat, everything, from that one cartridge.  See Santa's beard?  It's a flower that's folded in half.  His moustache is a bracket shape, and the two whiskers above his moustache are from the flower cut outs.  Pretty fantastic, don't you think?  It was super easy to make, too. 
All right, so, the weekend is coming and it appears as though my kiddo only has ONE game so I might have time to get crafty once again.  (As a side note, who schedules a 7:30 pm SUNDAY night game?  It's a school night ya big dopes!  UGHhhhhhhh.....)  I just realized that I haven't made a scrapbook PAGE in a while, as I've been working on other projects.  YIKES.  I'd better get to it!!!  :)
Thanks for stopping by and leaving love. 
Many blessings,


  1. With 4 boys I sure remember "baseball season", and believe it or not, I sure miss it!! I store all my CTMH stamp sets the same exact way you store your embossing folders, works great and I use them more now that I have a ring of what stamps I have. Love the Santa box.

  2. Seriously fantastic! Love the organization - what a great way to store and find the folders again! And that santa is great! Enjoy N's games! Lots of scrapbook pages to be had with all those games! :-D

  3. That's a lot of baseball! O.o I love how your organized your folders and that Santa is super cute!!

  4. That is a lot of folders - glad you've got 'em organised :) Cute Santa and enjoy those baseball sessions!

  5. Martha, what a wonderful write up. I too have made embossed tags but didn't even think about a numbering system. I think I will add numbers to mine too....and the photo box!!! I am quickly outgrowing my smaller zebra print "card box" from M's. because I too found Consumer Crafts a while back and then recently over Labor Day they had the free shipping with $25 (normally it is $100) and they now had a bunch of the 5x7 folders I just had to have LOL.....and I am headed over to check out that santa...TFS!