Sunday, December 22, 2013

The sweetest thank you EVER!!!

As I've mentioned before, I "teach" Nick's class scrapbooking.  Monthly, I head over to work with the kids on their personal yearbooks using pictures I take of them in their various school activities.  Of course, I also chaperone dances and field trips and volunteer at their class parties, etc.  This all gives me ample opportunity to take lots and lots of pictures!

Nick's teacher did such a wonderful, wonderful thing.  I scrapbook with the kids because I *love* it and I want them to love memory-keeping, too.  I also want to be included in all of their activities and I want to know the children and teacher/admin that my son spends eight hours a day with.  Nobody asked me to do this; I WANT to do this.  So it really took me by surprise that Nick's teacher, Mrs. Nelson, had the kids write me thank-you notes for both helping at their party and for the scrapbooking.  I cried when Nick handed them to me...

I thanked Mrs. Nelson for the sweetness of it all and told her that of course I'd be scrapbooking these notes, to which she nodded and said "I know!"  :D 
Check out the thank you from Nick.  He always addresses it with my full name instead
of Mom.  This cracks me up!!!
This is one of my favorites, from the "other" Nicholas in the class.  He drew a ghost saying cheese-- because I am ALWAYS taking pictures.  How cute is that!!!

So here's the scrapbook page I made!  I used an old set of CTMH papers and made a pocket.  I used my sewing machine (gasp!) to attach the pattered paper onto my background cardstock.  I used my Cricut to cut the heart and "Happy" and I placed that white piece of paper down to show where I want to add a photo of me teaching the class.  The 3D flowers are also old CTMH embellies.

I went in just last week for our scrapbooking class and forgot to ask someone to take a picture of me.  LOL!  Here's a shot of some of the pictures I took of the kids to include in their personal yearbooks: 
Instead of treat bags full of candy and toys (junk toys-LOL) I bought each kid a Santa hat
and had the kids glitter-glue their names onto them.

Nick got a chess set from his Secret Santa at school.  Here, he's teaching the other
boys some of his strategies. Wink, wink!

Maybe next time I'll get a picture of myself for that scrapbook page... LOL
I hope everyone is having a blessed Christmas season!
Much love and many blessings to all of you,

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