Monday, December 23, 2013

How to make a king's costume in one day when your kid forgets to tell you that he needs a king's costume for that night's Christmas program.

Yes, my son is a tad irresponsible (COUGH), just a TAD (cough cough!).  Ugh.  The ONLY reason I knew he needed to be a king for that very night's Christmas program is because I went in to scrapbook with the class and directly asked the teacher what Nick was supposed to wear that night.
Imagine my surprise to learn that Nick had known for two weeks. 
Now I had eight hours to come up with something. 
THANK GOD for my Cricut and scrap crap!!!  LOLOL
I cut the crowns from A Child's Year cartridge.  The brown felt, gold
burlap, and ribbon are all from Wal-Mart! 
The burlap had seriously uneven edges; it is VERY hard to cut straight
lines on burlap, so I just sewed to make it even.  This is KIND OF a big deal
because I do NOT know how to sew!  I want to learn and am sure I'll be
taking classes in the new year, but for now I stink at sewing!  I sure try, though.  ;)
Here everything is getting all attached and blinged up.  I wish I had just used the
burlap and avoided the felt but I wanted it to be a big, sturdy thing, hence all the layers. 
My sister was amazed at my newly acquired sewing prowess so she felt the need to take pictures.  LOLOL  Welcome to my little corner of the dining room, my tiny table where I create.  ;)  It's a huge mess what with all the Christmas goodness going on!!!
Yes I can, yes I can!  This is what I was chanting inwardly to myself
while I attempted a straight, even line on that old crown.  :D
I was going to let Nick wear his fairly new bathrobe as his costume, but one of
the other moms who knew of my predicament had an old graduation gown that
she threw together for us.  Here is Nick's final costume (though next time he
pulls this on me I SWEAR I am going to make him perform in his underwear!  GRR!!!  :) ):
In retrospect, I should have gotten gold metallic paper for the crown part,
instead of using brown textured paper... Oh well! 
Here's Nick's class of kings after their sang their hearts
out (and quite beautifully, I might add!):
My baby and I after the show.  Love, love, love, this irresponsible little king (prince) of mine. :)
Thank you for stopping by and leaving love!  And quit
laughing at how much I suck at sewing.  Ha ha. 

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  1. Oh Nick! Hope he's learned his lesson. Merry Christmas to you and yours :)