Wednesday, December 18, 2013

playing catch up

I finally got some recent pix printed.  That is to say, I had a bunch of printed pictures at Walgreens that I needed to pick up but couldn't afford and I finally could and did... :)
Once again, I used embellish it! kits to complete these in no time at all.  This is the October 2013 four-page kit. 
And this is the November kit: 
Now, I don't really have any pictures for any of the four pages in this kit... thankfully our front yard was full of leaves that needed to be raked.  So I took that opportunity to go ahead and get myself enough pictures for that top two-pager.  :)
I made that dumb face on purpose.  For real.  LOL  (P.S.  Do not EVER, ever ever ever ever, EVER move back to your parents house unless you *want* to gain 20-30 pounds.  Seriously.)
All because I needed pix for that layout, I raked up all the leaves and let Nick jump in them. 
He's pretending to be exhausted in this next picture, and even told me what my journaling
should say on the scrapbook page. LOL :D
Then Nick kicked the leaves all around so my Dad could mow the lawn and leave them as mulch.
My kid the nice little helper, sweeping up the mess for his Grandma. 
Now to get the pictures printed and onto those pre-designed pages....
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  1. love them! ha ha ha! Nick tell you what to journal! :D