Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My free time is cut short but....

....I've still found time to make a few pages.  :)
I signed up to get some kits from Embellish It! Inc (link HERE!).  Each kit has two 2-page layouts with instructions on putting them all together and there are usually quite a bit of leftover embellishments that can be used elsewhere.  These next three two-pagers are from those kits. 
(I cut "family" with my Cricut)
This next layout had maybe four photos in the kit designer's example, but I had to modify that to accommodate all of my pix from this New Year's Eve celebration with my family way back when. Even though the layout is pre-thought out for you, they can all still be modified according to your needs.
(By the way, that's the 20 y/o version of me wearing a brown sweater and
VERY short hair on the bottom left-most picture.)
And, obviously, those are all much older photos.  I began scrapbooking in December 1998, about six months after I graduated from college, using mostly current photos at that time.  Now I'm getting to the photos *before* that graduation, which I have TONS of. 
Slowly but surely I'll work my way through.
Finally, this two-pager of my cutie before his very first school dance uses some old paper from a company called Junkitz.  I think the company doesn't exist anymore, and the kit club I got it from (ScrapGoods) doesn't either.  :(  Nevertheless, I'm using up some of that old stash once and for all.  I feel like this layout needs something else, something on all that brown space, but until I figure it out I'm calling it done anyway.  :-)
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  1. Love those kits and layouts! Did I get those kits? I hope so! LOL!! :-)

  2. These are lovely, always good to adapt stuff to suit your needs.