Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday night musings

Life has been a bit rough for me of late and, it being Friday night and all... I guess I'm feeling lonely. I know I'm doing the right thing... But a little pick-me-up was called for. 

This is CTMH's Dream Pop paper. I have two sets up for sale if interested. 

Anyway. I like this picture of myself. I didn't modify the PP, just added a small punched out title, and behind the photo is some hidden journaling- things I need to remind myself of sometimes. 

I ran out of what to write around #20, but as I sat in quiet thought more truths came to me. If I would just stop & pay attention, my life is actually quite blessed. I'm very thankful for that. 

Have a great weekend-- remember to count your blessings. Always. 


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    1. THANK YOU JEN! You are my biggest cheerleader, girl. I so appreciate that and love you too!!!

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    1. Thank you kindly Mrs double-ya! :) :) :) I hope to one day make it over into your corner of the world and hug you IRL.