Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Artbooking... and a card

Hello crafty friends! 
I finally got my hands on the Close To My Heart/Cricut Artbooking cartridge and oh my goodness.  I seriously think this is one of the best cartridges that Provo Craft has ever put out.  It has a great font, a ton of pre-welded titles, pre-made mini books (or LOs) where everything is designed for you already, basic shapes, banners, accents, backgrounds... I could go on and on but I'd rather show you!
Here is just one LO I made (click on the picture to enlarge). 
This uses the "Teen Layout" pre-made, pre-figured-out layout on page 81 of the
Artbooking handbook.  I used my own colors and made the page about my 10 y/o,
of course.  No teens here yet, thankfully!  :)
Left-sided page:
Right-sided page:
Now, originally I made my Cricut cuts and was going to leave it all as is, just add an embellishment or two.  But the boring cardstock just about demanded (LOL) that I stamp on it, distress it, something, to make it less boring.  So I did stamp on it.  Normally I draw dashed lines around the perimeter of photo mats or the 12x12 paper, but I found a stamp and used that instead.  See the sun rays above with all those lovely dashed lines?  Yup.  That's a stamp, and the circle part with the chevron pattern is another stamp. 
Here are a few accents.  This banner with "about you" was cut from the Art Philosophy cartridge.  The alpha is CTMH's Keyboard Kraft Alpha.  The wooden piece is from the wooden Mini-Medley Accents.  And there's bling too- Opaques Mocha adhesive gems.  On this banner I did the stitching with a marker, by hand. 
This stamped border is from the set called Love Life.  It really
brightened up that boring corner of my background cardstock.  I also used my pen to outline the whole title.  There wasn't a shadow of the shape to be cut and I can't just leave it like that... when there's no shadow I always outline the cutout for just a bit more depth.  You can see towards the bottom of the "1" where my marker became possessed and I messed up.  I will ignore my OCD and leave it as is.... :)
Another shot of the accent pieces and bling. 
This twine is also part of the wooden mini-medley accents.
The cool part about the frames on the LO above is that I still have
these two mats left over for another project.  :) 
Here's the sun part on the left-sided page.  I stamped from the same Love Life set and added bling, more wood, and the twine.
Here's a view of what I used; click on each name to go to my CTMH website for ordering purposes. 
-- Love Life stamp set
So, I had that Love Life stamp set out and decided to make a card with it.  It's a fantastic stamp set.  Here's a picture of it along with the paper I wanted to possibly use.
These are all the stamped and cut elements of my card.  I used the three-circle
thingie as a background on my Topiary cardstock, using Topiary ink
too for a tone-on-tone effect.  The orange flowers are stamped with Sunset. 
I decided not to use the rose flower side of the patterned paper, only the green dots.   
My completed card.  Except for the small flowers, I inked the edges
of everything in either Topiary or Sunset, and I added some bling too.
Don't forget to stamp the inside!  I made two of this card and on the right one
I didn't ink my stamp properly so I had to do damage control by adding another
 stamp... I like the only on the left better, the one where I inked the green swirly
stamp correctly.  My sister likes the haphazard-looking swirlies on the right card... go
figure.  I used the Topiary ink and the stars and hearts are stamped with Sunset ink. 
Detail shot:
That was my Artbooking adventure for today.  Stay tuned for
more as I explore this cartridge even further!  Until then,
stay crafty, my friends.  LOLOL
Topiary ink pad can be purchased HERE
Sunset ink pad can be purchased HERE


  1. Wow, impressed again...as usual!! Great layout and really like the card. I think my favorite thing is the attention to detail on both, all the little bits you do here and there to pull it all together. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Love that card! It's gorgeous! Great stamping on both projects!

  3. Fun to see your cardstock demands inking and stamping - glad it hear it isn't just mine then ;) I like the haphazard stamping but like both cards too!