Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Layout Share!

Hi there!

I made some crafty time for myself today.  It was so relaxing, so wonderful.  Oh how I love to scrapbook!  I finally got to play with some things that have been waiting, still in their packaging, for me to have real play time.  I hope you enjoy. 

First, I had to play with a new Heidi Swapp stencil and Glimmer Mist.  Any mist you use is fine; I happen to have about 40 different colors of the Tattered Angels brand.  This is after I had already sprayed the cardstock. 

Above, there's my sprayed cardstock.  Below, the finished LO.  Love this LO. 

Sorry for the glare in the middle of the picture on the above LO.  Here's a detail shot:
Next, I've had this Sew Easy stuff for a couple of years now, but only recently got the "Circles" tool.  I've been itching to play with it!  It was fairly easy, but a word to the wise:  You must press down fairly hard, and even then you might still need to go back with a needle or paper piercer to make the holes bigger before you begin sewing. 

Here's the LO I made with sewing on it.  Sorry for the fuzzy picture - my camera is on the fritz and I'm using my son's point-and-shoot. 

On the detail shot, you can make out the sewn circles a lot better:

Here's the LO I made the other day, now with appropriate pictures.  I added green flowers near the title to complete a triangle effect with the green.  :)
I also had time today to sort my pictures.  I really thought I wasn't taking many photos lately; I used to take hundreds of pictures per month, but that was when my son was smaller and seemed to change a lot faster, and it seems like now I don't even reach 50 per month.  Well, when I opened up my photo box to pick out a set of pictures to work with, I realized I had a huge mess of envelopes and unorganized photos.  No bueno!  I am nothing if not organized and while something may be in complete disarray for a while, it won't last long!  And I guess I was wrong that I haven't taken many photos because all of these empty envelopes are from February to now.  So not too shabby, I suppose.
Here the photos are separated by photo mats (the pre-cut, I-bought-a-pack-of-them-at-Hobby-Lobby kind).  Yes, I get double use from my photo mats:  1) to separate photos in my photo boxes; and 2) as actual photo mats.  Why spend money on dividers when I have all this paper?  ;)

Here's another LO I completed tonight.  I used to do a month-in-review two-pager every single month.  From January 2007 when I first saw the idea until July 2012, yep 5+ years I did a month-in-review every.single.month.  Last summer I had some life events that prevented me from continuing that effort, but today I corrected that by making April through July 2013.  I'm not sure I can gather up photos from August last year through March this year.  I might try - another day.  But here's my July 2013 layout.  I know, I know, July doesn't end until tomorrow, but I have a day-long appointment tomorrow and not a single fun thing to photograph so as far as my month-in-review layouts are concerned, July 2013 is over.  OVA!  :)  Anyway, the LO is kind of busy what with the big photos and the fact that I wanted to use both sides of all three patterned papers....
Sorry it's so small.  Windows Live Writer will absolutely NOT publish my blog post if I try to put photos into it, and Blogger will only let me make the first couple of photos large.  I need to look in my Blogger settings to change that, but I haven't quite figured out how. 
Well, that's it.  Thanks for looking and leaving love! 
P.S.  As for my day-long appointment tomorrow - I could really use some prayers for it to go well.  Thank you in advance! 

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