Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good pictures

There is just something about a good picture that makes my heart sing. 
Last week was Western Day at Nick's school-- the rodeo is in town!-- and
of course he donned his cowboy boots and hat and his crazy-big belt buckle.  LOL 
Anyway, they had a breakfast for us parents & kids and I had the chance
to take a few pictures.  Check this one out.  OMGosh it makes me SO happy. 
The boys were smiling for the fourth grade teacher who was taking pix for the
school yearbook.  I love that they aren't looking right at me... and I love all of
these boys.  On the far left is Gabriel and then Nicholas; they are cousins.  In
the middle is Jacob and on the right, of course, is my own little ray of sunshine
(with the occasional rainy cloud lol). 
The thing is, these kids have been classmates for 6+ years,
since Pre-K.  I love  those other boys like my own.  I love their
parents-- grandparents in the other Nicholas' case as his Mom died a
couple of years ago & his Dad is off somewhere. 
So I printed this out as an 8x10.  I want to put it in a frame to display... just
because I love all of these boys so much, and I think Nick considers them
his brothers.  They kind of are brothers as they're growing up together and
know each  other so very well. Eight hours a day, five days a week
for 6+ years-- yeah, I'd say they know each other pretty well.  :-)

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