Sunday, January 12, 2014


Remember that old song?  LOLOL! 
Tomorrow is my brother Joey's birthday but we celebrated last night.  Can you say AWESOME!!!  My brother Hector bought all of us gift cards to a restaurant called 54th Street Bar & Grill.  OMGosh it was GOOOOOD!!!  And it was perfect that we all had gift cards to pay for the whole thing-- there were 10 of us-- AND perfect that we all actually got together.
It's been YEARS, and I mean YEARS, since all of us got together and went out to eat.  With 7 adults and very different work and travel schedules, it's tough to all get together.  I was beyond elated to get pictures of all of us.  I mean, we didn't even manage to all get together for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve.  There's always someone missing. 
Not the case last night!  :D
And, after the major feat of getting everyone together, the next major dilemma is getting every one of us to KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN for the picture!  And your mouth shut!  Grrrr
FINALLY-- ONE good one:
Me, my sisters, and my Mom.
My mom wanted a picture of the rest of us.  I'm not sure why she looks ticked off though...
We got a few other good pictures of our evening out.  Here's a gem:
Yes, Hector, go ahead and have my drink through your nose...
and my blouse is open because why?  LMAO
Rachel (Joey's wife) made this awesome cake, or cakes, with
super cute tool decorations and Joey's 8th grade picture.  LOL
Joey and Rachel:
Happy 40-something to my brother Joey, my parents' fourth child and one of their favorite sons. 
(and thanks to the "peace" photo bomber... ugh but LOL)