Thursday, January 23, 2014

One year later

On a more personal note (because scrapbook pages aren't as personal as this-- HA!)......

It's been a year since my kid and I moved back to my parents' house. 

It hasn't been the easiest year.  Nor the prettiest.  Nor the most fun.

It's been a year of embracing trials, like unemployment and having absolutely no funds for anything, when all you really want to do is go running down the street kicking and screaming like a 2-year-old at a candy store who wants it all. 

It's been a year of some loneliness, even while living amongst my nearest and dearest family members. 

It's been a year full of regrets and what if's and why did I do that and what was I thinking and why did I let him get away with that. 

For a long time I was just surviving but as I stop and contemplate where I've been and what I've done over the last year... I find that I am now thriving. 


I'm moving on, not feeling lonely at all, getting exercise, eating right (better anyway!), working again, still pounding out a path towards my dream job & career, loving my son like never before, and.... big surprise... loving myself, too.  My hope is renewing..... and I absolutely *REFUSE* to live with regrets anymore.  I can't change the past.  I can only learn from each thing it is that I regret.  I will embrace my mistakes and learn from them!  Every single mistake makes me the woman I am today and I will embrace that fully and move on with the knowledge that I survived all the messes and hard times and ugliness and that means I'm strong.  God has seen me through it all and, though I had to rely on His strength most of the time, I made it through.  I am intact, stronger than ever, and smarter because of the mistakes I've made.

I appreciate the trials, appreciate God's work in molding me and planning a prosperous life for me, appreciate just how much He loves me that He has unending patience with me, coupled with heaping loads of mercy and grace and forgiveness. 


I wonder what the next year will bring.  More trials, undoubtedly, but following His will, His rules (obedience is key!), and His ways, nothing but His peace will overtake my life.  It's a good path to be on, friends.  Is it a coincidence that I saw my friend Valerie's blog and was inspired to order the Elle's Studio Jan 2014 kit?  It's mostly little embellies and cards but there were two gems in there that I (coincidently) found this morning and promptly filled out.  (And, FYI, I don't believe in coincidences! ;-) )

Now I need to get a selfie so I can make a page to include these cards.  Next year I will once again take stock and find out how much I moved forward. 

So, here's to another year of major personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

Blessings and loads of love,


  1. I love, love, love this post. And you! And I'm so proud of you!!! You go, girl!!!

  2. This post made me cry! Like Ryann said - I'm also really proud of you and so happy you are seeing the you that we all see and love!

  3. You go girl!!! This post is absolutely awe-inspiring an amazing. I am so proud of who you are and where you are allowing God to bring to (notice I didn't say bring you from). A place of obedience and complete trust in HIm is the best place to be. No matter what!

  4. So happy for you and proud of you. moving on is not easy, but it is better! I love the confidence you show in God and yourself! Keep trusting and stay in obedience, it's the only way to progress toward the goals God has for you!

  5. This is such an inspiring post!! I am so glad you are feeling good about yourself! You are the sweetest lady I know and you deserve nothing but the best in your life! I pray that you get everything you want in your life, but I know God will guide you where you need to be!

  6. You go :) I just download a free planner for 2014 been meaning to blog about it as it is so cool. Helps you work out what you want to do and how to get there, always a good thing.