Sunday, November 3, 2013

LO share!

Hello crafty friends! 

Last week I found myself organizing and clearing things out.  There's a give-away pile and there's a use-this-now-or-give-it-away-already pile, and there was also a pile of about four layouts that were only half-done.  Sometimes I start a page and then I can't seem to finish it.  My inspiration for how I wanted it to look is gone, or I can't find the right embellishments.  I often have a small stack of such layouts and then one day BOOM!  Inspiration strikes and I whip through them.  The following layouts are those pages that I just hadn't gotten around to finishing. 

I really don't like how this page turned out... but it's done.  I did enjoy using CTMH alpha stamps.  I think what bothers me is the PP background.  I am NOT good as using PP backgrounds; I usually go with solid colors and then add patterns here and there.  My good friend Tara (check her blog out HERE!) ROCKS using patterned paper in her backgrounds.  She has a talent for it and I wish I could rock that talent like she does!  Also, that little card with "NOV" off to the right?  She has a Silhouette Cameo and I asked her to cut those out for me.  I couldn't find the cut on a Cricut cart and was too lazy to fashion my own.... She went above and beyond and did something like 8 different sets of those for me, all in different colors.  She's awesome!

This next page, I had a whole 'nother plan for it.  I don't like it much either.  Maybe because of all that empty space on the right?  Or maybe because of the colors.  I dunno, but I don't care for it.  All that space on the yellow paper is full of journaling now and that does make it look better.  I took the pic before adding words because it's kind of personal... and those little felt birds off to the right?  They are from a kit club I used to subscribe to and my uber cool friend Marlene (check her blog out HERE!) challenged me to use them up.  Here they are, Marlene!!!  :)

Finally, Nick and our cat Hopie.  He cried when he saw this page.  Last year when we moved I asked my brother to keep her but she ran away.  Nick hasn't forgiven me for that and he literally burst into tears when he saw that I was working on this picture.  :(    Truth be told, I haven't forgiven myself either.  We never *EVER* should have moved from that house or given up our cat.  But I digress....

That's all for now.  Thank you for stopping by and leaving love!



  1. Yay for getting half done layouts DONE!! Great use of the felt birds, I knew you would take that challenge and you smashed it!! (Now I have to think up a new one for you ;)

  2. Psalm 27:14...I felt led to give you that scripture. I don't know why but perhaps you will?

    Anyway, you did awesome on all of your patterned paper background LO's. Blush on the compliments. I think I've used that music note paper on something too. Sassafrass Lass? Anyway, I have a pile of their paper I bought when they went on to other endeavors (how DARE they???).

  3. :hugs: on the cat and regrets for both you and Nick.

    Well done on finishing the layouts and using up those birds.

  4. great lo's. way to go using those birds- perfectly. so sorry about the cat :( sad...