Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas trees

I've sold quite a few of these... be sure to put your order in now so you'll get it (or them) in time for your holiday decorating! 

Let me know how many you'd like via the comments below or by
emailing me at
Thank you and let the Christmas decorating BEGIN!  :)


  1. How much are you charging for the darling CTMH Christmas Trees?
    Also, does it come with the stand you have them pictured upon?
    What is that stand? Is it a candle holder?
    I think these are awesome!!

    1. Hi Jill! The stand is indeed a candle holder and yes, each tree comes with that stand and the pretty red ribbon bow. Thank you for the compliment! They are $20 each, unless you buy several then you'll get a discount. Let me know if I can make some just for you. Thanks!