Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Canvas Art Kit

Do you have a couple of super nice beach photos that you’d love to see up on the wall?  You can display your calm, relaxing beach memories for a pretty good price – the CTMH Canvas Art Kit is half price this month only. Quantities are limited…. 

This is the kit (and my 5x7 picture sitting in the background, too).  I had already stamped on the chipboard pieces as instructed in the booklet. 

This is what it took me 30 minutes to make:

Some detail shots: 

And this is what *still* left over for other projects.

Plus this snazzy stamp set that’s pretty versatile will always be a part of my stash, too.  This awesome project is all for $19.95 right now, while supplies last.  Get yours at http://marthasaenz.ctmh.com, product number G1062. 

Of course, beach photos aren’t the only kind of photos you can add to your canvas art kit, and you don’t *have* to limit yourself to two.  I just liked the mellow tan background that somewhat resembles waves; it made me think of soft sand under my toes, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the rolling waves…. wow I feel like going back to the beach again!  :)  

Anyway, you can personalize this any way you want.  You have two color choices as far as the chipboard sheets included in the kit, and of course you can use the stamp set to really customize your project and make it truly unique.  The only limit is your imagination, the story you want to tell, and how you want to tell it. 

Thanks for looking and for leaving love!