Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A visit to the ER...

My 10-year-old son bites his nails.  This is really tough when you're into building Legos, which he is a voracious fan of, because taking them apart isn't very easy.
That's why we have teeth.  Right? 
Last night he was using his teeth to pull apart a couple of pieces when something pretty dang funny appeared on TV.  As he attempted to laugh he sucked that Lego piece right in.  This is a twin to that offending piece: 
This was the scene in the x-ray room of our nearest ER about an hour later:

PHEW! Not blocking his lungs in any way. 
Now, I know a thing or two about medicine.  I comforted him after using my handy dandy stethoscope to listen to his lungs and stomach, but he wanted an "official" doctor and x-rays to tell him he wasn't going to die.  Or worse, have to undergo surgery.  LOL - yes he was more worried about some invasive procedure than basically having his stomach blow up and him dying.  BIG eye roll on that one... but anyway, those are his feelings and I didn't devalue them at all.  Poor kid was really hating himself for the accident, but I reminded him that it's just an accident and I tried to direct him towards planning how to avoid such accidents in the future. He's decided that nail biting has to stop and he really should use one of multiple Lego taker-aparter tools (yes, that's the technical term for it, HA!!!) that he owns instead of his teeth.
It was definitely an adventure and isn't that what parenting is from day one?  Ah, the joys of boys.  :)
Now, back to some scrapbooking......
P.S.  I offered him some Lego cereal for breakfast and a Lego sandwich for lunch.  He doesn't seem interested.  Bwaha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

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